Our visits at BhandirVan

We have been visiting this Sthal since the past 8-10 years, meeting the inhabitants, trying to educate them to the wealth of divine they have in their midst.

They are very poor and illiterate. So have been unable to resist the temptation of instant reward fro various religious groups and individuals who have messed up this place with unorganized construction. Like the other places in Vraj Mandal, this too is giving way to human greed and short shortsightedness.

Well, because it is all private owned, its being destroyed because of their ill literacy. Soon Vraj Dham will become a huge concrete town, without any Divine Urjas left. These Shree RadhaKrishn Urjas have been moving towards corners, and deeper in the earth. what we will soon be left with, are empty concrete structures.

I cry, every time I think about this. The amount of destruction that has been done, in the guise of progress, is irreversible, 1000’s of years old magic and mystery of Shree RadhaKrishn buried in human greed and power games.

Some pictures from our visit here:

Abha Shahra Shyama

















Jai Shreeji!






Satsang at BhandirVan

Its an early morning of February, 2013. It is cold and foggy, the road to this place looks very  mysterious to the first timers. We have arranged this day  here for all to understand and feel the essence of this divine place. We are a group of about thirty people. They are close family of Gurushree, Ritesh and myself. My mom, being her first visit to Vraj, thoroughly enjoyed the sacredness of the bhumi. The inhabitants are very hospitable, as usual, offering hot tea and Khat for seating and relaxing for meditations.

We had arranged a talk on the mahima of this Sthal, the varta behind it. Everyone walked around freely, loving this beautiful place. The entire group has gone back with very fond memories and wish to come back as soon it would be possible.

Some memories from that day.

Abha Shahra Shyama

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These were some memorable and beautiful moments at Bhandir Van.

Jai Shreeji!